Wednesday, 25 January 2017

doll making

My first 'Waldorf style' doll. She is made from this pattern (appr. 30 cm long) I made her clothes without a pattern (just by trial and error;) I wanted to try this technique for quite a while.

She is having a chat with an older teddy bear friend, also made by me. 

In the mean while a friend and I started a workshop at Wolletje wit in Alphen aan de Rijn to make a 'Walldorf style' doll filled with sand. Technically a more challenging job because of all the sand filled limbs inside of her. She is a lot bigger, about 50 cm long.

The doll on the left is made by my friend Marieke and the one on the right by me. I learned a lot of new things and we had a wonderful two days filled with hard work, good lunches and a very friendly and skillful teacher, the owner of Wolletje Wit, Kitty .

Pip still needs a warm sweater, but here she shows her new (reversible)dress.

While waiting for the second day of the workshop ( There were two weeks between the first and second day) I decided to try to make a 'fiber art doll' on my own. To make such a doll, there are a lot more felting techniques involved to sculpture a doll face. For this doll I bought a pattern at this Etsy shop. A good, clear detailed pattern with lots of photo's. It is intriguing to make a face yourself!!! As if you are meeting a new caricature for the first time.

Here she is again with the small first doll. No clothes yet, so she is wrapped in a doll quilt. For her hair I used wool from Iceland. I didn't want to use too expensive doll hair because it was to practice doll making for me.

 Here she is with her new outfit and surrounded by lots of new furry friends who are very curious about this new family member!
I called her Miyuki. This also means deep snow and because she is very white and happens to wear clothes made of Japanese fabrics, this name seems appropriate.
(All things furry made by me except for the kiwi, he is made by Ty).

I find it almost impossible to stop making dolls....I still have this needle felted head and a new piece of fabric waiting so may be I will try to make one more.

But first this tomorrow back to quilting: a workshop by Margaret Sampson George  in Amsterdam here. I'm so excited and very curious!!!


Friday, 6 January 2017

Singer Featherweight 221 liefhebber gezocht (Verkocht)

 Deze Singer Featherweight mag weg. Niet dat ik zelf geen featherweight meer wil, maar ik heb er al jaren twee. Nu denk ik dat ik aan één ook genoeg heb. Ik hoop dat hij bij een liefhebber komt vandaar dat ik hem hier plaats.

 Hij komt uit Nederland, is gemaakt in december 1955 (serienummer EK 988240) en ziet er héél goed uit.

 Alle tekeningen in goud kleur vertonen geen slijtage, zoals je hierboven kan zien.

 Pedaal met snoer is helemaal goed.

 Ook de rubber voetjes zijn in orde.

 De motor loopt als een zonnetje.

 De koffer ziet er netjes uit. Hij is niet beschadigd, droog en heeft geen vreemde geuren.
 De koffer heeft beide sleutels nog en de sloten werken goed.

 Zo gaat de machine in de koffer.

Bij de machine zit het originele Nederlandse gebruiksaanwijzingsboekje. Daarnaast diverse voeten, schroevedraaier, originele Singernaalden, spoeltjes en accesoires.

Hij is helemaal schoongemaakt, doorgesmeerd, afgesteld, pedaal en elektra nagekeken, koffer schoongemaakt en er is goed op genaaid de afgelopen paar jaar. Mocht je interesse hebben kan je mij een e-mail sturen. Ik vraag voor de machine met alle toebehoren € 350,-

De machine is gereserveerd


ps for the English speaking readers: this post is about a Singer Featherweight I want to sell (I have two of them at the moment). I thought I write this it in Dutch only because it would probably easiest to sell this in my own country (the Netherlands), although it is not impossible to sell abroad of course.

Monday, 2 January 2017

More 'Foep'

Over the last days I made some progress on my 'Foep' quilt .

Some of the fabric choices, guarded by one of my early home made Teddies. Some fabrics are quite new, others were in my drawers for decades like the brown one with the orange, yellow and white flowers. Some are quilt fabrics, while some were old cloths like the brown eyelet fabric. There are also men shirts, old sheets and the middle  quilt part background fabric in light blue, is from a doll bed curtain.

To make the 'Foep quilt' I need lots of lace. I already had some for years and years in baskets and boxes.

 If you would like to buy some lace as I did last week, you can look for old and new lace herehere and here.

This is band (cord?) for upholstery I presume. It is French and old. 

 It was the right colour for me.

The quilting I do is simple. I use Valdani thread and make rather big stitches. I make the quilt in a 'quilt as you go' way.

I make all the appliqué birds and eggs by machine and  they need fusible web (already cut out here, on my big Teddy bear's legs) before I iron them on. After that, they are stitched down with a blanket stitch.

Some of the birds and eggs have batting in them to make them more alive.

This is what  I've done so far. I'm enjoying the whole process of making, machine sewing, hand sewing the lace, embroidering and choosing colours.
I hope to be back with more soon.

Have a nice week,


'Foep' pattern by Supergoof, you can order the pattern here (available in English too)

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Foep quilt

Today I started a new quilt called: 'Foep en 't vogelhoedje'. It is a quilt with a story about cats and birds. The pattern is by: Supergoof and easy to order, look at her blog on the top-right corner.

In November I joined a workshop given by Ingrid van der Harst (Supergoof. The location that day was Quiltshop Vlijtig Liesje at Tienhoven (the Netherlands). I visited this shop for the first time and will certainly go again. It is a really fun shop in her beautiful garden, run by a nice lady called Hanneke Kwakkenbos.

 It is fun to make!

 It took some time until I found the right fabrics, but eventually I did....and what a mess I made....

Lizzy (our dachshund) doesn't mind, as long as we are together.

Wish you a good last week of the year!


Friday, 4 November 2016

Back with a new quilt top in green

 Sometimes a new quilt just starts with inspiration from a walk in the woods....

we walked on this estate called 'Elswout' and looked through a window in an old shed...
I post regularly on 'Instagram' under the name of 'annemiekebears', as I did with this picture. So if I'm not here on Blogger I 'll probably be on Instagram:)

A nice view from my bike taken early in the morning...

And some fabrics I had for a while now. The two left ones are older quilt fabrics and therefore in a sale, rather cheap. The right one is a very soft and worn bed sheet, I bought in England in a car booth sale.

After I cut up a lot of fabrics in squares of 10 by 10 cm I put them on point and arranged them ( on my design wall) over and over again until they formed dark and light parts.
I used this concept before when I made this quilt in blue.

 Sewing together is easiest done in diagonal rows and iron the seams one way (tricky photo because the iron was quite hot ;)

I used two liberty fabrics and two double gauze fabrics for the first time ever. The liberties are a bit thin but in between the other cottons they are all right. The double gauze fabrics are really soft, I'm happy with them.

Then I took the top outside today, the sun being very weak, but typical for the November month.

The beans are dried here in the abandoned allotments...all the gardeners had to leave because the land is sold to a developer.

I find it no problem if there is not enough fabric for one row. I just search for one that is close enough and has the same value from a distance. See the red cardinal on the last different square in the right hand corner?

A friend of mine described the quilt as 'a stress reducer because of the soothing colours'. I think she said it just right, don't you think?

My little doggy friend, Lizzy was waiting for me until the photos were taken. She is sweet isn't she?

Have a very nice weekend,